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9/6/09 08:21 pm - Sunny

"Why don't you ever take Sunny to your shows? She's organized...."

9/6/09 08:16 pm - Bubbles

I haven't updated here in quite a while.

Once, I dreamt of a little white kitten. Adam woke me up to let me know that Jerry just began to give birth.

Jerry is a black cat, and one of the kittens was purely white! Just like the dream I had only moments before~

ever since, I've shown favoritism for Bubbles (that's what we call him, after Bubbles of Trailer Park Boys.)

He's slightly cross-eyed, and the cutest thing on this p


6/13/09 03:27 pm - Casper the Friendly Ghost

Casper the Friendly Ghost was my best friend, my only friend in my whole class in that small red school house. But one day, we had a disagreement, and so my teacher sent me away to a different class. From the doorway of my new classroom, I could see my old classroom. And I realized I missed it, and I missed my friend. I couldn't see Casper from my new class, but I could see chairs and things moving around - moved by him. Then I went back to my old classroom and no one was in there, but I was looking for Casper, just in case he was in there and I just couldn't see him. "Casper?" I called. "Casper, are you there?"

6/12/09 03:31 pm - Guinea Pigs

 There were lots of baby piggies in a box, and I kept picking them up and putting them down. And they would crawl along the walls just like a mouse or a hamster. But one piggy in particular, the black one, walked away from the wall towards me.

6/8/09 07:47 am - Rape

 There was a man who was attempting to rape me. I grabbed two knives and sliced his balls off. I used to same knives to slice down and across his eyes, his legs, and anywhere else I could. I killed him, and waited for someone to come home and help me. My mom and brother came home, and I broke out in tears next to his dead, bloody, body and told them how I had been raped. Then, this growing fear of other predators overwhelmed me. I wanted to get out of there, because somehow I knew others would be coming after me. I got more knives out, ready to fight. I fought a few times. And even pushed someone out of an out-of-control car. At one point, someone stabbed my boyfriend in the back. *shivering while I'm writing this*

Then I woke up. relieved. Looked up at my window, and saw the most horrible male face, monstrous, demonic-looking. His face startled me awake. That was a false awakening. Ugh. I hate those.

This dream felt so real. I didn't go to sleep last night because I was afraid of having another nightmare.

6/6/09 08:07 am - Dragons in Cannons, Cliff-Jumping

 I dreamt I was in a classroom setting. My teacher was actually my belly dance teacher, but this was a science lab. I was sitting at the lab reading a book, actually I was reading a comic book that was placed inside the school book. This boy across from me kept bothering me, wanting to talk to me. I slid my seat over to the back of the class to talk to someone. The "chair moniter" got mad at me and told me I wasn't allowed to move my seat. "But, I'm still sitting in it. It doesn't count!"

Then the room turned into a theater, and a live show. There were pirates and things.... and the final act there was a cannon. A big dragon came out of the cannon and picked up Adam's mom and they went back into the cannon and then the curtain closed. John was like, "Do you know when my mom will be out?" and I replied with, "She won't be out until 9pm." "Aw, man."

Then Adam's dad picked us up and John. Adam wanted to go to Wallgreens, so he got out of the car and started jogging the way to the store while we followed in the car. But Adam's dad made a right turn for some reason, while Adam continued to jog the right way to the store.

At some point, I and a whole group of people ran all the way to the end of a hill. But really it was a cliff with vibrant green grass. At the end was a body of water, an ocean. And suddenly we all had on swimming goggles. We were going to all dive and race through the water.
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