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in dreams~

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5/18/10 11:45 am

I was sleeping but could sense a cat purring and kneading next to me. it was cuddling with me... but I realized that I do not have a cat, so I woke up to see what it is. turns out, there wasn't a cat near me... I was the cat! I felt comfortable and begin kneading my paws again and went back to sleep.

* * * * * *

I can't remember who it was, but someone's fingers were falling off. to comfort them, I offered to massage their back. I feared that my own fingers would fall off, so I was careful to be gentle when using my own hands.

4/19/10 03:09 am - explode

i'm at a carnival fair, i learned he was unfaithful. humiliated, i confront him but he denies. i leave him, and meet with tori of saved by the bell. she gives me words of encouragement like "you go girl!" then this drunken idiot begins to provoke an angry man. his friends see a dangerous situation and tell him to stop. the angry man gets in a car and drives toward the drunken idiot, his friends warn him to get out of the way, but he's too drunk and get's ran over. his body flattens against the asphalt, and like rubber he's back on his feet. however, the angry man, distracted by the miraculous event, crashes into a pole. tori warns me that the car is going to blow because there is a fire and a gas leak, so we both run and it explodes, and in mid-air I grab her and we land far away safely. we both saved each other... in the distance we see the carnival in flames, a catastrophe. a man who managed to escape the disaster walks by, skin bubbly and melted. he's on his cellphone. I ask if he's alright, and he responds with, "i'm alright, are you alright?" as though nothing really happened. i am devastated when I realize that adam was still at the carnival.

3/26/10 01:17 pm

I was walking with Adam down a street... looked up into the sky... and saw what I thought was a UFO. Then I realized it was actually an airplane, and it was headed for the ground! By the time we realized it, we couldn't get far enough away, and the impact of the crash threw us quite a long way down the street. For some reason, I felt that I had to go back and check on it, even though I knew that all passengers were most likely dead from the fire. I went back and saw all passengers, still in their seats, with blackened burned bodies.

Then the dream shifts, and I'm on a ladder, retrieving from a ledge a baby bird who could not fly. There are two baby birds, and once we set them down, they began to sing to each other....

Then a dog comes through from someone's yard, and he seems friendly so I began to play with him. He suddenly becomes somewhat vicious, a snarling dog with sharp teeth. I began to throw pieces of meat across the yard so that he will move away from me.

3/24/10 04:55 pm

I sensed something strange in the air.... I found a room full of guinea piglets and they were all infected zombie pigs! the water was contaminated with the virus! somehow, the house I was inside was alive too... the house was possessed by a spirit and it was evil and talking and could tell where exactly in the house I was located....

then the group I was in separated and each had our own post. we were communicating with each other, and someone in our group was beginning to feel depressed and hopeless and I had to make sure he was still there at his post.....

but then... I ended up in a bathroom with this guy and this girl. and the girl picked up a bottle of sprite soda and took a sip w/o realizing it may contain the virus! and then she started throwing up into the bathtub, and I had to go get weapons because she was about to turn! there were no knives in the kitchen drawer so instead I picked up one of those bbq forks.......

but unfortunately, this dream didn't have a cool zombie ass-kicking scene, because I woke up.

3/23/10 11:59 am

I was in a backyard full of wild weeds, and there was this huge pink petticoat on the ground. I picked it up and put it on, and it was a bit constrictive around the waist. I focused on my reflection in this small mirror that was leaning against a wall. I was barefoot, and the ground was rough with weeds and rocks and even dog shit. but I began to belly dance in front of that mirror, watching where I stepped, but unable to avoid scraping my feet.

3/22/10 05:17 pm

I was in a motel, or a one-bedroom apartment. I was peeking out through the window blinds, fearful that someone was stalking me. I wanted to call someone for help, but I knew that if I tried they'd be listening on the line! I was basically trapped in the room.

3/16/10 04:55 pm

I was at some school... since it was the first day of school, I didn't really care if I was late to class. I had to go over an overpass to get to class... I took my time and as I approached the overpass, I heard some sounds coming from below. there was a door that led to an underground parking lot, right beneath the overpass. I went through the door, and down the steps... and there was this crazy girl with looooong fingernails and she was scratching everyone! these "tough guys" were provoking her, trying to seem cool and as though they weren't afraid of her. but she was a crazy monster and she killed them all. I ran back up the steps and saw that there were zombies walking across campus... but they were the slow kind of zombies, the dumb ones... I went across the overpass and to the health office, where there were rows of beds of sick children. I warned them that if they don't try to escape, no one is going to come for them. the end.

3/9/10 04:56 pm

I was at a school full of zombies, but I could easily walk past them through the halls. I went to my get away car outside but my mom was in there and she got bit so I knew she would turn. I went to look for weapons to fight the future-zombie, but all I could find was a garden gnome. by the time I found the garden gnome weapon, I decided I didn't really need the car anyway, because all the zombies were slow and stupid.

12/10/09 08:54 pm - dad

A few nights ago I dreamt of my father. I was at the library when I realized I forgot my purse which contained my library card as well as my ID. I called my father and he stopped by in his jeep and dropped off my purse. After my stay at the library, I waited outside for my dad to come back and pick me up. I woke up before anything else happened... this dream must've been in memory of the past....

10/10/09 02:25 pm - Identity

A collection of consecutive nights:

* * * * * * * * * *

I was walking along a wire fence with a sign hanging on it warning of vicious animals. The other side indeed had vicious animals who were growling and barking and chasing me alongside the fence, but their faces appeared sweet and kind, innocent.

I arrived at a city hall type building and went through the front door, but it was not actually a building, just the entrance and the open space on the other side. There was a gathering of people on the other side who had come together to express themselves freely. I was naked and trying to cover myself in a robe. I didn't feel uncomfortable or ashamed of myself, I only covered myself because I feared being thrown out of the event because I was naked. A girl passing through the crowd stepped on my red dress (I wasn't wearing one before, but now I am) and her shoe heel tore it. I shoved her and began to yell at her. Once I was done, I was naked again and in the robe, and relieved that no one caught my actions and kicked me out, because it would be inappropriate to be naked out in public.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Someone I know had been abusive towards me. My family, in attempts of protecting me, took a gun and shot him. It had been on impulse, an accident upon his idle appearance. But he was dead, and there was nothing else to do but pack our bags and go. His body was chopped into pieces and stuffed into a plastic garbage bag. My clothing lay near the blood and the mess, and the bag with his dismembered parts. I chose what I could, and one dress lay directly on it. I held on to the yellow envelope he sent me through the post.

* * * * * * * * * *

I took the life of a child and wandered about into the night. Helicopters searched until they found the one who committed the crime. I wandered about in confusion while someone else took the blame for my killing.

* * * * * * * * * *

I took the life of an old man.

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