in dreams~ (pinkorange_red) wrote,
in dreams~


i'm at a carnival fair, i learned he was unfaithful. humiliated, i confront him but he denies. i leave him, and meet with tori of saved by the bell. she gives me words of encouragement like "you go girl!" then this drunken idiot begins to provoke an angry man. his friends see a dangerous situation and tell him to stop. the angry man gets in a car and drives toward the drunken idiot, his friends warn him to get out of the way, but he's too drunk and get's ran over. his body flattens against the asphalt, and like rubber he's back on his feet. however, the angry man, distracted by the miraculous event, crashes into a pole. tori warns me that the car is going to blow because there is a fire and a gas leak, so we both run and it explodes, and in mid-air I grab her and we land far away safely. we both saved each other... in the distance we see the carnival in flames, a catastrophe. a man who managed to escape the disaster walks by, skin bubbly and melted. he's on his cellphone. I ask if he's alright, and he responds with, "i'm alright, are you alright?" as though nothing really happened. i am devastated when I realize that adam was still at the carnival.
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